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Seasoned Sales Reps Wanted

Currently looking for outside sales reps in the yellow highlighted states on map.

If you are a seasoned outside sales representative looking for an exciting line of headwear, and cover part or any of these highlighted areas, please call or email:

Adam Allen

1-800-228-3889 EXT. 230



Since 1985

Capsmith, Inc has stretched the boundaries of what is considered affordable headwear without sacrificing quality. We are an American owned and operated headwear manufacturing and wholesale production company located in Sanford, Florida. We currently provide wholesale headwear to souvenir & beach stores, gift shops, Bikeweek, Sturgis®, western, fishing and other diverse headwear markets.

We are continually trusted by many major private labels to deliver headwear that sells while maintaining a high set of quality standards. Our headquarters in Sanford, FL include a domestic production facility of 120 embroidery heads and in-house art and digitizing staff.
When you become a Capsmith, Inc. customer, you are not just a customer of another headwear mega-conglomerate. You are part of a family-owned business steeped in tradition and values, founded in 1985. We always look forward to innovation, but look to the past to remember where we come from. Here's a small look throughout the years.

  • 2020

    Capsmith's Booth at Smoky Mountain Gift Show

  • 2021

    Dan & Capsmith Sales Team at ASD

  • Fair Labor

    Capsmith, Inc. firmly believes in Fair Labor for all, and continually work to ensure our affiliate factories are up to standard on avoiding child labor and/or abusive labor at all costs. We provide a safe work environment for all work staff and believe in addressing all safety concerns promptly.

  • Code of Conduct

    Capsmith, Inc. staff believe loyalty and honesty are the keys to success in any endeavor, and practice this on a continual basis. We treat staff, business partners, and customers with utmost respect and dignity.

  • Harassment or Abuse

    Capsmith, Inc. does not tolerate any form of physical, sexual, verbal or psychological abuse.

  • Non-Discrimination

    Capsmith, Inc. believes in a fair and equal environment for all, and does not discriminate in employment, promotions, discipline, or compensation in accordance with all local, state and federal ordinances.

  • Hours of Work

    We strive to perfect a balance in working hours for all staff, and believe in adequate time for breaks and lunch. We hope to foster a healthy work environment.

  • Company Values

    Capsmith, Inc. was founded on family and American values, and all staff members believe in an honest, proactive and positive environment.

  • Officially Licensed Merchandise

    Capsmith, Inc. supports and maintains all appropriate licenses for license-required merchandise.

  • Employment Relationship

    Our company objectives can be accomplished with a happy and healthy staff, and we welcome all staff members to approach their respective managers if they have any concerns.